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Krakow City

Krakow City

Centuries ago, surrounded by monumental walls, and now a green park belt. Krakow city center is somewhat protected from the urban bustle of the everyday city life.
Auschwitz - Birkenau

Auschwitz - Birkenau

Auschwitz and Auschwitz II Birkenau are places that form a warning against the human aggression displayed in the acts that have taken place here.
The Eye of the Sea

The Eye of the Sea

To enjoy your trip to Morskie Oko (The Eye of the sea), which is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains; you will need to set off a whole day.
Traditional Rafting

Traditional Rafting

The traditional River Rafting on the Dunajec river is a great opportunity for a closer look at the natural beauty of The Pieniny National Park.

Alternative Poland welcomes you to Małpolska

Alternative Poland would like to welcome you to “Little Poland” or (Małopolska) a province of southern Poland, in which we hope to inspire you to experience the diversity and culture of this unique region. Making your stay in Little Poland filled with delightful memories and experiences for you to cherish for many years to come. In this little corner of Poland, you can experience the true wonders of the traditional Polish lifestyle. The terrain ranges from the lazy rolling hills in the north to the breath-taking Tatra Mountains in the south where the highest peaks in Poland climb up to meet on the Polish-Slovakian border. Culture can be found around every corner, whether you are winding your way down the narrow streets of Krakow city, or just soaking up the history and atmosphere of the old town. However, Little Poland (Małopolska) has much more to offer than this, besides the obvious tourist's hot spots such as Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt mines and the Jewish district of Krakow. There are hours and hours of walking in a wide range of different national parks on any one of the countless mountains trails. Małopolska has also many historical towns as well as UNESCO sites, full of local culture that has survived throughout the turbulent history that has shaped this beautiful country into the wonder, you can experience today. The first meeting with Polish culture for most tourists entering Little Poland is the historical city of Krakow, the capital of Little Poland or Małapolska, as the locals would call this area. This grand, but yet humble city has roots far back into the history of Poland and was indeed the country's capital for many years. During this time, it grew into a splendid city with great works of architectural magnificence that you can experience as a tourist in Krakow today. Krakow has served as the seat for the great Polish kings of the past, with the Royal Wawel castle situated on a natural limestone hillside overlooking the Wisła River and Kazimierz, the former Jewish district of Krakow. The Royal Wawel castle is connected to the very heart of the old city center by the royal rout that leads you down narrow side streets, from the main gate of the Castle to the once bustling medieval market place. Today, the market square is the heart of Krakow tourism and is home to the cloth hall, St.Mary's church and the largest underground museum in the world just to mention a few of the most visited attractions.

The old town is today surrounded by a green park belt that is located in the area of which the old city defense walls ran and offers some seclusion from the everyday life of the bustling city that lies beyond the historical center.

Our aim with this site is not only to point out the historical and cultural experiences that you can find in the center of Krakow, but to inspire you to leave the tourist trails of Krakow's old town and head out to the pearls of natural beauty and diversity that lie beyond the old city walls. Where you can often feel that you are taking a step back in time, back to the days with little country shops and farmers working out in the fields, cutting grass by hand and where the working horse is still an actively used farm animal.


The climate in little Poland

The climate in little Poland (Małopolska), as the rest of Poland is influenced by the continental climate from the east and the maritime climate from the west. This results in very variable conditions with significant changes from day to day.

Little Poland is still fortunate enough to have clearly visible seasons in its weather pattern. The summertime can be very hot, all though common temperatures are between 20-25 °C. June is the month of the summer with the most rain fall. August is the safest time to travel to Poland if you are looking for warm and dry weather. Winters are normally cold, with the first snow fall from November and lasting until March or early April.

In the low lands around Krakow you never know how much or for how long there will be snow on the ground, but higher up in the mountains the weather conditions are more stable and you are almost guaranteed snow all winter. This has help developed the numerous ski center that are located to the south of Krakow. The best time for skiing would be from late December to late February even if the snow normally lies longer.

The autumn and spring weather is very unpredictable. You can have warm sunny days in April and May or your can have snow falling and cold winds blowing. This makes is hard to predict what clothing to pack, but if you are looking to spend time outside then be prepared for both sun and rain. The autumn starts mid September with often nice clear days, but very cold nights. There are more rainy days than in the summer and the day temperature is lower than the summer months. The autumn is by many looked upon as the most beautiful time to visit the mountain ranges south of Krakow and you avoid the busiest tourist season as well as the extreme heat of the summer and the heavy frost of the winter months.

Average air temperature & Precipitation in Krakow

Weather Chart for Krakow

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