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Krakow City

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There are many ways to enjoy a pleasant stay by the Czorsztyńskie Lake. In addition to the water sports, sunbathing and the fishing that is available you can also go on any of the breath taking, hiking or cycling trails that are located around the lake and in the close mountain ranges. The Czorsztyńskie Lake is located in a valley that is surrounded to the north by the slopes of the Gorce Mountains and by the Pieniny Spišské mountains to the south. There is therefore, many walking trails that will lead you through some of the most interesting and most beautiful parts of these mountains.

Hiking Trails

From the village, Kluszkowce to the Mountain Luban (1211m altitude). This is marked as a Blue Route on the official walking maps. Transit time is approximately four hours. Along the way, you will climb the mountain Wdżar, (you can take advantage of the chair lift here to save walking) which acts as a winter ski center and in summer offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the Czorsztyn lake. The trail leads you through the forest, but from time to time you will come out on to old pastoral glades that are famous for the crocuses that grow there in the spring, often from these glades you will be given a sneak preview of the view from the top, as you climb higher and higher. The final approach to the peak is relatively steep, but well worth the effort once you have completed it.. As an encouragement along the way, just below the summit is a lovely natural spring, where you can enjoy crystal clear and ice-cold water. Once you have reached the top, then there is a view point and one of the many little huts that are dotted around the Gorce Mountains. This one is still in good condition, and you will often find one of the local Highlanders there with coffee, tea and maybe even the local sheep's cheese for sale. It is always good to carry some water with you as there is no where that you are guaranteed, you will be able to buy anything in these mountains.

From Kluszkowce to the Castle in Czorsztyn. The trail is officially marked with blue and green on most maps and should be easy to follow. Transit time is approximately 55 minutes. This route runs through fields and meadows, with some stunning views extending across the Czorsztyn lake to the Tatra Mountains that stand as a beautiful background. You can combine this walk with a visit to the ruins of the Castle in Czorsztyn and then cross the lake on one of the gondolas to see the Castle on the other side.




•This trail starts at the top of the village Czorsztyn (on the boarder to the Pieniny National Park) pass „Szopka” (Chwała Bogu) and onto the Trzy Korony (Three Crowns) (982 m). This is marked as Blue Route on official maps of the area. The transit time is approximately 2.5 hours, depending on the destination that you chose to use. It is always best to leave some extra time as the views are often stunning and most tourists spend a full day on this trip. Once you set out from Czorsztyn then you initially go through an old grazing area for sheep, the largest of these fields is called “Majerz Hall." In the summer, the local lodge here sometimes offers travelers the chance to enjoy some of the local specialties that are produced by these Highlanders. After walking across these old fields you then start to climb up into the forest lands, and as you head up higher you will pass a few beautiful view points before you final reach the summit of the “Three Crows." Once you reach this point then there is a man built view point that is located at the top of the highest peak. To use this view point you may need to pay a couple of złoty, depending on the time of the year.

Once you have reached the”Three Crowns” then you will have a choice of ways to come down. The shortest route is down into a little village called Sromowce Niżne. If you use this option, then it is ideal to continue your journey on the traditional river rafting down to Szszawnica where you can easily pick up public transport to take you back to your starting point. Please note that public transport is not frequent to Sromowce Niżne and we would not recommend you to come down on this side unless you are going to travel down the river by raft or planning on walking down the beautiful Pieniny Road to Szczawnica.

For those of you that are still interested in walking further from the ”Three Crowns” there is a track that will take you to a second view point called Sokolica (747m asl) The trail is marked as blue from the ”Three Crowns” to “Sokolica." You will need to start to walk towards a little mountaineer town called Krościenko, that will be our destination. So if you do not wish to complete the walk to Sokolica, then you can just continue down this trail to Krościenko. If you wish to continue out to Sokolica, then you will need to turn right and follow the Blue trail. It should take less than two hours from the Three Crowns to Sokolica, when you are on this view point, you will see one of the famous trees that is displayed on almost every postcard from the Pieniny. To get down from Sokolice you should turn around and follow the Green trail down to Krościenko. This can be a very beautiful walk down along the riverside. (Don't follow the Blue trail down from Sokolica, as you will need to cross the river at the bottom).

From Sokolice, there is a second trial that runs down to Szczawnica, but it is not recommended to walk this way even if the views are very nice as you will need a boat to cross the river at the bottom, and it is not always running.

• Czorsztyn Nadzamcze - Przełęcz Trzy Kopce - Sromowce Kąty - Sromowce Wyżne - Niedzica Castle. This route leaves from the top of the village Czorsztyn and is a very nice walk that should take around 2,5 hours to complete. You can combine this walk with sightseeing of the two castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn. From Czorsztyn, you set out the same as if you were going to do the above walk to the Three Crowns on the blue trail, however when you reach the Przełęcz Trzy Kopce, where the red trail turns off, you follow it down off the mountain, into the valley. Once you are down in the valley you can join the rafting in Sromowce Kąty and this will take you down to Szczawnica, if you wish to combine this with your walk. Or you can make a loop, back to the Niedzica Castle just by following the red trail, and in season use the gondolas that run from Niedzica to Czorsztyn to get back to your starting point in Czorsztyn.

czorsztyn pieniny czorsztyn Gorce czorsztyn pieniny

•This is one of the shorter walks, but it offers some fantastic views. You can turn this into a round trail returning to the Castle in Niedzica if you have your car parked there or catch a bus from Falsztyna. Set out from Niedzica on the red trail in the direction of Falsztyna. Along the way, you will see the historic St. Michael chapel in Niedzica. This trail that runs along the tops of these mountains in the open meadows offers you a beautiful panorama of the Tatra, Spiska Magura, Pieniny, Gorce and Beskid Sadecki mountain ranges, and in good weather, you may even be able to see Babia Gora National Park, in the distance. Once you reach the yellow train then you should turn down this trail to Falsztyn, where the main road runs from Dębno to Niedzica. You can walk back to Niedzica from here or take a bus depending on what you prefer.

•Path of nature - forest, "Larches." This is a new initiative to try to promote the forest and meadow area on the northern banks of the lake. The trails were opened in 2010 and run from the top of Kluszkowce into Mizerna and then onto Maniowy. There is a combination of biking, and hiking trails that leads you through the lower woodlands and fields that are well marked with blue and green markers painted on the trees. At this point, there does not seem to be an official map released showing all these trials, but it is not difficult to plan and find ones way. In addition, there are several information boards placed around the trails telling tourists about the unique flora of this region. Furthermore, some show images and details of the wildlife present in these mountains. If you do not speak Polish, then take a phrase book with you as all this information is given in Polish only.

There are also several sitting places with tables placed around these walking trails. These trails are ideal for families with children as there are some stunning views of the Tarta’s and the Lake from here without the need to climb high mountains and without having to walk for hours. Well worth an afternoons walk around.



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