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Krakow Historical Center

Centuries ago, surrounded by monumental walls, and now a green park belt. Krakow city center is somewhat protected from the urban bustle of the everyday city life. There is always an opportunity to experience the unique charm that surrounds the historical center of Krakow, whether it be by night or day. No matter what your interests are or how you like to spend your time, be it by visiting one of the innumerable churches, which in this part of the city are literally on every corner, sightseeing the world's largest geological museum under the main market square, or just walking down one of the many small charming alleys. more..

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Szczawnica is a small town with only about 7500 people living there, and is situated on the border to Slovakia. Szczawnica owes its reputation as a tourist town to the specific microclimate surrounding it and to the presence of mineral water that has long been produced there. Szcazwnica also has the advantage of its location at the foot of the Pieniny, and Beskid Sadecki mountain ranges with the Grajcarek River running beside the town in the base of the valley, where it joins up with the Dunacja River just on the outskirts of Szczawnica. From the many nearby mountains, that tower above this little mountaineer town you can see many stunning panoramas of the close, as well as more distant mountain ranges. more...

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Sucha Beskidzka

Sucha Beskidzka is a very attractive little tourist town. This is mainly due to its location. Sucha Beskidzka, with a population of about 10,000 inhabitants, lies on the borders of three mountain ranges: Beskid Makowski, Beskid Żywiecki and Beskid Mały. This makes Sucha Beskidzka a great starting point for mountain trekking, offering a choose from the numerous, well marked mountain trails. In addition, Sucha Beskidzka has got some very impressive historical monuments. The most important one is a renaissance castle, called the “Little Wawel." The origins of this town date back to the beginning of the fifteenth century, when Duke John II, issued a law, allowing for the creation of this town in its present location, a small village at the time. more...

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Wadowice is a relatively small town with about 20.000 inhabitants. Wadowice is situated by the River Skawa, about 50km south-east from Kraków. It became famous thanks to the Pope, John Paul II, who was born here. Wadowice is often called the “Papal” town and attracts mainly tourists who want to pilgrim to the places, which were significant to Karol Wojtyła, the previous pope. On a “Pope’s Trail", you can visit many of the important places for John Paul such as, his family home that has been transformed into a museum, The Holly Mary’s Church, where he was baptized and of course, his favorite cafeteria, where he often ate cream cake. more...

Nowy Targ

Nowy Targ or New Market is the largest and oldest town in the Podhale Region. Nowy Targ has about 35,000 inhabitants, and its origins date back to the thirteenth century. The town's origins are directly linked with the arrival of the Cistercians, who in 1254 founded a convent in a nearby settlement – Ludźmierz, this entailed the creation of new settlements in the area. First mention about the towns existence comes from 1326r. During the reign of King Casimir the Great, the city became his property and remained so until the partitions. In the mid-fourteenth century, the town was moved and relocated between the White and the Black Dunajec Rivers. more...

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Zakopane is a town hidden at the foot of the highest polish mountains –  The Tatras. It is also a capital of winter sports and the mainstay of mountaineer traditions and culture. Zakopane is a relatively young town, as its origins only date back to the second half of the sixteenth century. Firstly, it functioned as a shepherd’s village. The main development in Zakopane despite the popular belief is not owed to the natural beauty of this area, but the creation of ironworks in the nearby Kuźnice. This took place in the eighteenth century and, unfortunately, has left its mark on the surrounding nature. more...

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