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There are many ways to enjoy a pleasant stay around the Czorsztyński Lake. In addition to water sports, sunbathing, fishing and hiking, there are also many cycling routes available. The Czorsztyński Lake is located in a valley that is surrounded by the Gorce Mountains, from the North and by the Pieniny Mountains from the south. The cycling trails lead you through some of the most picturesque areas in this region, and along the way, there are some very interesting places to visit.

Biking Trails

  • Loop around Lake Czorsztynski.There are at least two routes that can be used when cycling around the Czorsztynski Lake. The first option includes basic riding along asphalt roads. To do this, we start in Niedzica leaving towards - Falsztyn - Dębno - Kluszkowce - Krośnica - crossroads (Czorsztyn) - around the flood dam and back up to the Niedzica Castle. This route is approximately 40km and takes about 4-5 hours to complete. It is important to take your time on this trip as there are numerous and steep gradients in parts of the route. This trip takes you all the way around the lake and into the Pieniny National park with some breath-taking views of the Pieniny, and also of Slovakia as you will be traveling toward Slovakia from Czorstyn to the flood dam at which point you will be only some 500m from the border.





  • Optional extended loop around Lake Czosztyńskiego. Start your trip from Niedzica the same as the first option, when you  come to the place referred to as the Gulf Kosarzyska turn off from the main road and onto  the terrain road. This is a  well walked path, running along the shore of the lake. It gradually turns into a steep stone track, and climbs up into the forest. The trail runs along the southern slopes of the Reserve on the "Green Rocks," offering some unforgettable views of the lake. In Falsztynie, you will need to return to the tarmac road and continue as described in the basic route above. This option allows you to go beyond the beaten path, and even for a moment to rest from the fairly busy asphalt roads. Note: The route described here is marked on many maps of the region, but so far no markings are on the ground so you will need to find your own way:).





  • The Path of nature - forest, "Larches." This is a new initiative to try to promote the forest and meadow area on the northern banks of the lake. The trails were opened in 2010 and run from the top of Kluszkowce into Mizerna and then onto Maniowy. There is a combination of biking, and hiking trails that leads you through the lower woodlands and fields that are well marked with blue and green markers painted on the trees. At this point, there does not seem to be an official map released showing all these trials, but it is not difficult to find ones way. In addition, there are several information boards placed around the trails telling tourists about the unique flora of this region. Furthermore, several show images and details of the wildlife present in these mountains. If you do not speak Polish, then take a phrase book with you as all this information is given in Polish only. There are also several sitting places with tables placed around these walking trails. These trails are ideal for families with children as there are some stunning views of the Tarta’s and the Lake from here without the need to climb high mountains and without having to walk for hours. Well worth an afternoons walk around.



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