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The Tourist Settlement in Czorsztyn is a hotel and recreation resort, which mainly consists of historic, XIXth century buildings. As a result of the Czorsztyński Lakes creation, there was an idea born, of saving at least some of the beautiful buildings that were going to be flooded. To do so, from the areas, that are currently about 50 meters under water, the removal and reconstruction of a dozen villas, tavern and storage cellar buildings in their current location was undertaken. The Settlement is located on the Stylchen Peninsula, which offers spectacular views of the lake, the local castles and the surrounding mountain ranges. Some of the villas are still used as hotels and restaurants that serve local specialties.

Currently, Tourist Village Czorsztyn mainly features a full conference center and a place where big events are organized for the integration of workers from different companies. The Conference Center is located in the  Villa Drochojewskich and has three rooms, with different capacities. In one of the historic peasant houses, located in the village, there is a museum. This museum is named Królczyka. It consists of a peasant cottage, with the outbuildings. Inside the house, they have retained some of the original house hold utility from 1909. Its exposure can be viewed free of charge by appointment hours at the hotel reception.

Important Update:

The Museum, has been closed and is no longer officially open to the public at this time, due to the fact that it has been taken over by  a private investor. We have not removed it from the site as there does not  appear to be any restrictions on visiting the area and seeing the old buildings that are located here. However, these are now private property and should be treated as such.


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