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Attractions for Children when traveling in Malopolska.

There are many smaller attractions around the Malopolska area for children, including the rope parks that we have given their own category, due to the number of them in the region. The attractions included in this category are the mayor attractions that are design and run for children as a main audience.

Water Parks in Malopolska.

The Aqua Park in Krakow is Poland's biggest indoor water park and one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The size of the pools are just over 2000m2, furthermore offering attractions such as water jets, hydro-massages, wild springs and the wild river, a rainbow path, 10 water slides and 8 whirlpool tubs. The aqua-park organizes many different activities: aqua aerobic, water volleyball, swimming lessons and gym classes. Krakow Aqua park has a whole range of saunas, steam, dry and salt saunas. New to the pool complex is the "wave pool"in which waves are generated, similar to those at sea. It is the only such pool in Poland. Read more...

ZOO Kraków -The Municipal Zoological Garden of Krakow.

The Municipal Zoological Garden in Krakow has an area of more than 17 ha, where you can see about 260 species of animals, represented by nearly 1,500 individuals. Of these, more than 120 species are very rare or threatened with extinction. The most rare and valuable species is the pygmy hippopotamus, tapir anta, Przewalski horse, addaks antelope, snow leopard, Amur tiger, jaguar, Fenek, Abyssinian Gerez, mandrill and the black mangaba. Read more

Miniature - Amusement Park Inwałd, Malopolska -Poland.

The Miniature Park "World of Dreams" in Inwałd is the only such place, in which within a few hours, you can journey through the ages and geographic locations around the world. On an area of more than 4.5 hectares there are over 50 models of the most well-known buildings throughout the world. Include among others: The Colloseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, Wall of China, Eiffel Tower and the White House. The majority of the buildings are in scale 1:25. Of considerable interest is the Venetian complex, which enriches in numerous canals and gondolas. In addition, there is an amusement park, which in addition to the traditional amusement park attractions, offers a variety of shows, including technology 5D Max. Read more

Dinozatorland Zator -Dinosaur Park & Amusement Park.

The Family Amusement Park "DinozatorLand" is a place where entertainment is combined with education. You can see a collection of moving dinosaurs in their natural sizes. Among them is the world's largest specimen of a moving T-Rex. Dinosaurs were placed in an old forest, which wonderfully imitates their natural environment. A Museum of Skeletons and Fossils provides exposure, complementing the outdoor park. Among the exhibits are numerous fossils, including dragonflies, birds and fish. Read more

Rabkoland in Rabka -Family Theme Park Rabka.

The Family Theme Park in Rabka - Rabkoland "is the biggest amusement park in Little Poland and one of the largest in Poland. It is a place for families, which in addition to the classic amusement park attractions,  can offer the Museum of the  "Order of the Smile" and the "Museum of Records and Curiosities." The latter is of importance to the park owners, who set themselves the goal to educate as well as entertain their guests. This park is made to serve both the youngest recipients, their siblings, parents, and grandparents. Everyone is sure to find something of interest here. This amusement park is run in a different way to most of the standard amusement parks as you can enter it for free, and you pay only for attractions you choose to use and that are of interest to you. Read more



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