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Krakow City

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The Czorsztyński Lake is very often visited by anglers. As a result of flooding of this very uneven terrain, the creation of interesting fishing spots occurred, with different levels of difficulty. Both beginners as well as advanced anglers will be able to find satisfaction when relaxing by the bank of the beautiful lake. The following species of fish can be found in the lake: Pike, Perch, Bream, Roach, Chub, Bleak, Less rope and Burbot. The original assumption when the lake was created was that the leading species would be predatory fish such as Rainbow trout and Pipelining along with the Danube salmon. However, due to the significant siltaton, the dominant species became Bream. 


The best fishing areas by the lake are:

  • The top end of the lake, under the bridge between Dębno and Hubka villages. Species found there are: chub, perch, pike, roach, bream, mumps, barbel, trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and Danube Salmon.
  • Enclaves of Mizerna and Kluszkowce villages, (northern bank of the reservoir) and the enclave of Falsztyn (southern bank). Species found there are bream, pike, perch, roach, chub and bleak, some rainbow trout and lake tracie may also be found here.
  • Other smaller and bigger bays, that are very common in the Czorsztyński Lake. Access to them is much easier on the northern side of the lake for those of you wishing to try these, the southern shore is characterized by numerous steep cliff walls that drop down into the lake and thick woodlands, making it difficult to pass.


The best fishing periods:

  • Fishing with Bread and chub: VI, VII
  • Fishing for Trout: VIII
  • Fishing for Pike, perch: V, IX (from 01.01 to 30.04 - these are protected in this period)
  • Fishing for Huchen: X, XI


Practical information:

The Area of the Czorsztyński Lake belongs to the Polish Association of Angling. To be able to fish it, you should buy a license to the water district. Licenses are available for purchase in the following places: "Villa Jordanówka" Iwona Promiewicz – Stylchyn Str. 32 Kluszkowce, Zajazd "Cicha Woda" – Hubka Str. 2, Maniowy.

  • This allows you to fish with one rod and only artificial lures and vegetable based baits.
  • It is prohibited to lure with any other form of bait.

License Prices set by the PZW (Polish Association of Angling) - for 2011:

  • Licenses for an annual base membership: 300 zł, concessionary: 215zł
  • Periodic premium member: 1-day: 25zł, 3-day: 60zł, 7-day: 90zł
  • License prices for non-members and foreigners: 1-day: 60zł, per year: 830zł


  • Extra charge, that allows spinning in the waters: Annual:100zł, 1-day:10zł
  • Extra charge, that allows fly fishing: Annual:30zł, 1-day:10zł

czorsztyn pieniny czorsztyn Gorce

Every year, there is held a Polish Championship of Ice Fishing on the Czorsztynski Lake. This year, (2011) it was held in mid-February. This was the seventh edition of this event. This angling discipline is becoming more and more popular in this area, due to the long period that the lake is covered by ice.



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