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The official currency in Poland is Złoty meaning "gold" the currency symbols are PLN or zł. One Złoty is divided up into 100 grosze the same as £1.00 is divided up into 100 pence and 1 Euro is divided up into 100 cent. In 1997 the Polish currency was converted, and four zeros were removed from the end. Making the 10000zł from before the change over, into the today's 1zł coin. These old bank notes can no longer be used and can only be changed in banks, but are often used by criminals on unsuspecting tourists.

You may find that some of the larger shops along with some hotels allow payment in Euro, but this is normally at a low exchange rate and often not an option that would be recommended.

Legal bank notes are now issued in the following denominations: 10,20,50,100,200zł and coins in the following denominations: 5,2 and 1zł and 50,20,10,5,2 and 1 grosze the smallest being made of copper.

Polish Coins

100 PLN

50 PLN Front 50 PLN

20 PLN 20 PLN Front

10 PLN Front 10 PLN


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