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Książ Wielki Castle

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Brief History of the Książ Wielki Castle.

The Castle in Ksiaz was the private initiative of Piotr Myszkowski, who served as bishop of Krakow at the time. The castle residence was built in the late sixteenth century, under the watchful eye of Santi Gucci, who was the royal architect at that time. After the death of the initiator of the castle in Ksiaz, the residence remained in hands of the Myszkowski family, and construction was continued during the following years. The Myszkowski family was already in possession of the castle in Mirow, despite its defensive qualities. This castle was not convenient enough to serve as a representative office and residential home for the family, so it was the castle in Ksiaz came to be built. Due to the family name of the founder, Myszkowski, with time and the castle was named Ksiaz Mirow. In the first half of the eighteenth century, the castle passed into the possession of the family Wielkopolska. Shortly later, during the Kosciuszko uprising, it was significantly damaged.

After WWII, which brought further destruction, the castle was repaired, and in 1949, it was set to being a school, which still continues today. Ksiaz Castle is now called the Great "Polish Acropolis." Due to the many rebuilds, the castle has not been preserved in its original condition. From ancient architectural features preserved, is the Renaissance arches and portals. From the primary defense, system only fragments remaining the bastion, and shooting tower.


Opening hours:

Today, the castle functions as a High School and as the School of Agriculture.

The castle museum is not open to the public, and the castle cannot be visited.


Location and Other Attractions in the Area


Zamek Myszkowskich w Książu Wielkim

ul. Wincentego Witosa 10

32-210 Książ Wielki

tel. (+41) 38 38 010

Distances to the Książ castle from:


Other Attractions in the area:


The Ojcowski National Park is located to the north of Krakow, only about 25 km from Krakow city. This makes it a popular day out for holiday makers from Krakow as well as for a weekend break away from the city. 


Wieliczka Salt Mines are one of the best-known tourist attractions in the area. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the only plant of its kind in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


Krakow Zoo offers the visitor a great afternoon out. The Municipal Zoological Garden in Krakow covers an area of more than 17 ha, where you can see about 260 species of animals.


Kazimierz is the former Jewish District of Krakow, before the second world war, this was for many the Jewish capital of Europe. Still, it offers visitors a charming and welcoming experience along with an insight into the fate of the Jewish people of Krakow and the world. 





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