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Brief History of the Castle in Niepołomice.

The Niepołomice Castle was built in the Gothic style by King Casimir the Great in the first half of the Fourteenth century, quickly becoming a royal residence castle, often referred to as "the second Wawel Castle." The castle in Niepołomice was visited by many of the Polish Kings and heads of state. The kings frequently used it as a meeting place for the heads of state and other important gatherings such as the state Court. Above all Niepołomice was famous for the hunting in the nearby forest Niepołomicka. The subsequent work of Casimir was continued by kings Wladyslaw II Jagiello, Sigismund I the Old and Sigismund II August. The period of the greatest splendor of the castle falls under the reign of Sigismund the Old and Sigismund Augustus. This was in the sixteenth century. Then, after a great fire in 1550, the castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. One of the artists who participated in this work, was a famous sculptor Santi Gucci. Queen Bona's merit was to create the beautiful gardens in the Italian style, today known as "Queen Bona's Gardens." Since the end of the sixteenth century, the castle has passed into the hands of successive noble families such as Curyłów, Branicki, Lubomirski. In 1655, during the Swedish invasion, the castle was turned into a food store. After the partition of Poland in 1772, the castle with the city of Niepołomice passed into the hands of Austria. Then it was converted into barracks and in World War I served as housing and storage. During World War II and the postwar period, the buildings fell into disrepair. Since 1991, when it became the property of the Municipality of Niepołomice, the complete renovation of the castle was started. After several years of renovation and adaptation works, the royal seat regained its former glory. Currently, Niepołomice Castle is open to visitors. In addition to the museum exhibitions, the castle houses a hotel and conference center. The chambers of the castle form the Museum of Natural History. Niepołomicka Castle is a place of frequent concerts, exhibitions and demonstrations of knights.



Opening hours:

The museum and castle in Niepołomice are open daily: 10.00 – 18.00

The walking tours inside the museum run in the following hours: 10.00 – 17.00


Ticket Prices:

1. The exhibition "Treasures of European National Museum of the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow"

  • Normal Ticket – 8zł
  • Reduced Ticket – 6zł

2. Royal Castle in Niepołomice: History and Legends, The architecture of the Castle.

  • Normal Ticket – 7zł
  • Reduced Ticket – 5zł

Ticket price includes a guide service in Polish.
For English or Russian guides, the extra cost is 100PLN.

3. Hunting and trophies.

  • Normal Ticket – 3zł
  • Reduced Ticket – 2zł

4. Castle Chapel.

  • Normal Ticket – 3zł
  • Reduced Ticket – 2zł

5. Regional Chamber, is open upon reservation.

  • Normal Ticket – 2zł
  • Guided Service – 70zł


Location and Other Attractions in the Area


The castle in Niepołomice is located just over 24 km to the east of Krakow. When driving from Krakow the fastest and easiest way is to leave Krakow and enter the road number 79 on the north side of krakow, east bound direction. Follow this road until you meet the road 75 to Niepołomice.

Distances to the castle in Niepołomice  from:


Other Attractions in the area:


The Wieliczka Salt Mines are located just outside of Krakow in Wieliczka. You can travel here from Krakow by using public transport or joining one of the many tour groups that are organized from Krakow. 


Sts. Leonard in Lipnica Murowana is located about 20km south of Bochnia on road number 966 heading south also The Church of Sts. Philip and James the Apostles in Lipnica Murowana. Lipnica Murowana is located about 20km south of Bochnia on road number 966 heading south is located in the same area.


The Ojcowski National Park is located about 30km away from Wieliczka to the north of Krakow. The Ojcowski National Park is the smallest national park in Poland, covering a total area of only 2145ha. 


Bochina and the Bochnia Salt mines are located just over 40 km to the east of Krakow. When driving to Bochina from Krakow the fastest and easiest way is to leave Krakow and enter the A4 ring road around Krakow on the east bound direction. 



Muzeum Niepołomickie w Zamku Królewskim

Ul. Zamkowa 2

32-005 Niepołomice

tel. (+ 12) 261 98 51, (+ 12) 281 30 11





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