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Rope & Line Parks

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Kluszkowce Rope & Line Park by the Czorsztynski Lake.

The Rope Park in Kluszkowce is part of a complex called "The Land of the Sleeping Volcano." This is a complex of sport & leisure activities located on the Mountain Wdzar close to the Czorsztynski Lake. In winter, this resort functions as a ski resort and during the summer visitors have available the marina with a rental place of water equipment and a gravitational slide (Alpine Coster). This year, in 2011, a new project has been completed and opened. This is the rope park. It is situated in the southern face of Wdzar Mountain with beautiful views over the Czorsztynski lake and the Tatra Mountains.

Krakow Rope & Line Park, Mini Golf course and more

The Krakowski Rope Park was the first of its kind in the region of Little Poland. It offers a variation of routes at a height from 5 to 9 meters, with a total length of about 200m, there is also a mini golf course and a huge trampoline located by the line park. This amusement complex is located in a park that belongs to the Manor House in Pychowice, which in itself is a beautiful landscape park. There is also the  possibility of having an instructor to complete the altitude course.

Kroscienko Rope Park -Ablandia Park by the Dunajec and the Pieniny National Park.

The Rope park in Kroscienko belongs to a network of parks called Ablandia. Other parks belonging to Ablandia are located in Szczawnica and Rytro. They are very nice parks that have been integrated into the landscape and importantly, each of them has a special route for children. The Ablandia Park in Kroscienko is located in the old town Park, close to the Pieniny Mountains, just off the main road from Nowy Targ to Nowy Sacz. It offers two routes, for both adults and children. The total number of obstacles to pass, hung up in the trees is about 50, and the total length of the routes is more than 600m. The trails vary in difficulty, in relation to the height, so it can benefit people of all ages. The park also hosts a team event with additional attractions that promote integration with the local community.

Krynica Rope Park -By the Jaworzyna Krynicka Mountain

Krynicki Rope Park is located at the foot of Jaworzyna Krynicka. It offers four rope routes, with varying degrees of difficulty and a special attraction called pendulum jump. The total amount of obstacles on the rope route is about 45. They include a climbing wall, exit at the plate, jump on the spider-web, alpine snowboarding, breaking the rope, alpine skiing and sledding, icicles and a drawbridge, along with other fun and challenging obstacles.

Rytro Rope Park -Ablandia amusement park in Rytro

The Rope Park in Rytro is another park, that is a member of the Ablandia team. It is located in Beskid Sadecki in the immediate vicinity of the Poprad Landscape Park. There is a picturesque stream that flows through the park, which together with the natural surroundings, creates a beautiful landscape for leisure activates. The total number of obstacles, hung in the trees is about 48, and the total length of routes is close to 1000m. The park was designed so that people with lower conditions, could also complete the whole route. Among the attractions of the park are: Amazonian bridge, a lion hoops, equivalentlies, meetings on the ladder, skateboard, grid, sky surfing. Trails vary in height and in terms of the degree of difficulty of the obstacles.

Tarnow Rope Park -On the Mount of the Swiety Marcin, at the foot of the castle ruins

The "Fun - Linopark" Rope Park in Tarnow is located on the Mount of the Swiety Marcin, at the foot of the castle ruins. It offers two main rope routes and a large size trampoline 4m/7m. Among the obstacles in the rope routes are walkways, slides, equivalentlies, bridges, palisades, nets and more.

Zakopane Rope Park -"Zlota Gran" - Gubalowka

The Rope Park "Zlota Gran" - Gubalowka is located at the top of Gubalowka mountain, approximately 60m from the top station of the funicular train. This is one of the largest rope parks in Poland. It has six tracks with different levels of difficulty and 600m Tyroll rides. This park also includes a special offer for children, paintball and shooting. An additional attraction of the park in the priceless beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains, which you have from this mountain.

Zakopane Rope Park - Rope Park Adventure - located on the Gubalowka

Rope Park Adventure is located on the Gubalowka mountain just 150m from the upper station Szymoszkowa and 700m from the top station of funicular. In the offers of this park, there are two rope routes, a 400-meter slope route, jumping from 12 meters high tower, and a slide down the downhill ski slope in the three-meter ball - Zorbing. The Adventure Park offers also a climbing wall and relaxing sun beds.



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