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Kroscienko Rope Park

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About park:

The Rope park in Kroscienko belongs to a network of parks called Ablandia. Other parks belonging to Ablandia are located in Szczawnica and Rytro. They are very nice parks that have been integrated into the landscape and importantly, each of them has a special route for children. The Ablandia Park in Kroscienko is located in the old town Park, near the Pieniny Mountains, just off the main road from Nowy Targ to Nowy Sacz. It offers two routes, for both adults and children. The total number of obstacles to pass, hung up in the trees is about 50, and the total length of the routes is more than 600m. The trails vary in difficulty, in relation to the height, so it can benefit people of all ages. The park also hosts a team event with additional attractions that promote integration with the local community.

Park attractions:

- Training Route, located on the ground that is designed to prepare you for the high-altitude route

- Blue-standard route - The route has a length of approximately 200m, and is situated at an average height of a few meters above the ground. This route is designed for both children and adults. The average time of transition (with training), is about 1 hour.

- Red Route - Extreme - The Red routes' length is approximately 350m, but with a much higher degree of difficulty, also situated higher than the blue route.. The average time of transition (with training) is about 1.5 h.

- JUNIOR route - a route built on a much lower altitude (1 to 2m aboveground level.) On the trees there are platforms installed together with little cabins for children to play in.  All obstacles are protected by special nets. Traveling the route does not require any additional hardware assurance. Construction of the route develops a dynamic sense of balance and coordination. This route is only for children (over 3 years old).

- Power FAN - vertical jump from a height of 13 m. Attraction available for adults and children over four years of age. The first such an attraction in Poland!

- Tower of Power - A 18 meter high tower built of four piles. On the walls of the tower, there is installed various types of activities (hanging ladder, Tyrolean descent, obstacle course).

- Hell pendulum (Big Swing) - a participant using a specially designed pulling mechanism is lifted to the height of 13 meters, then jumps in the track reflects the movement of the pendulum.

- Water Sphere - is a way to spend free time for everyone (both for children and adults). A participant being in a sphere of air in the water should try to maintain balance, which often turns out to be not an easy task.

Opening hours:

The rope park in Kroscienko is open daily from May to late September.

May - August: 10.00 - 20.00

September: 10.00 - 18.00

The park is open on weekends and holidays during the periods:

October to 15 November: 10.00 - 16.00

April: 10.00 - 18.00

In the remainder of the year the park is available for groups upon prior reservation at no. Phone: 0048 664 911 478.

Prices for 2011:

  • Rope Route - 30 PLN (normal), 26zł (children under 16)
  • Big Swing - 26zł, Big Swing for 2. - 39zł
  • Junior Tour - 22zl (no time limit)
  • Power Stroke Fun - 26zł
  • Tower of Power - 30 PLN, the ability to enter the viewing - 5 €, the same Congress - 17zł
  • Water Balls - 10 PLN
  • Mini Golf - 10 PLN


The Rope park Ablandia in Kroscienko, is located on the main road, Nowy Targ - Nowy Sacz. Coming from Nowy Targ, you will find it on the left side of the road, opposite the Restaurant "Walusia," approximately 500m from the center of town. Distances from Szczawnnica - 6km, from Nowy Targ - 31km, from Zakopane - 50km.


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