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Ojcowski National Park

Ojcowski National Park is the smallest national park in Poland, covering a total area of only 2145ha. Despite the relatively small area, this park is a very attractive holiday destination, especially for the residents of Krakow, as it is located barely 20km north of the city. Ojcowski National Park is a place full of charming valleys, mysterious caves, scenic gorges and spectacular limestone rocks, which catch the eye of the visitors with their interesting shapes and colors. The largest valleys in the park are: Prądnik Valley and the Valley Sąspowska. Along these valleys, you will see steep rock walls rising up, making a lasting impression on visitors. In the bottom of the valleys flow streams and rivers where you can observe trout and on the slopes of some of the valleys, natural terraces have been formed, which were used in the past as a place of strategic defense against invading forces. more....

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Tatra National Park

Due to the inaccessibility of the Tatra Mountains, it is today an incredibly beautiful and wild mountain range. The Tatra Mountain National Park is one of the largest parks in Poland and one of the most unique. Together with the Slovakian Tatra Mountain National Park it forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Tatra Mountain National Park was created in 1954 on an area of 215.56 km². The Park covers the only Polish high-mountain landscape area. It is characterized by steep and precipitous peaks, suspended valleys, and numerous mountain lakes, streams, waterfalls, and valleys with many hidden caves. more...

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Pieniny National Park

The Pieniny mountain range is an extraordinary range of Limestone Mountains, with the Dunajec river cutting it the way thought the very heart of the range. The Pieniny Mountains are distinguished by steep, often just share rock faces and the creamy-colored limestone from which they have been formed. When you visit this remarkable place, it will be easy to understand why the Pieniny National Park has been formed as early as 1930. It was also the first national park in Europe to be divided between two international countries, as a significant part is located in the Pieniny Slovakian National Park. The Pieniny National Park is one of the smallest in Poland. Its area amounts to little more than 2300ha. The Pieniny mountain range in its self is also relatively small as it measures only 35km long and about 6km wide. more....

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Gorce National Park

The Gorce National Park was established in 1981 and covers an area of the central and north-eastern part of the Gorce Mountain Range. In terms of volume the Gorce National Park is still in 17th place among Poland’s 23 National parks. Its area is slightly more than 7000ha. The greatest natural resource of the Carpathian Mountains is forest, where trees can live to a mature age, and the natural regrowth rate is very good making the area well populated with a variety of vegetation. more...

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Babia Góra National Park

Babia Góra National Park was established in 1954 and now covers an area of 3392ha. It is one of the smallest national parks in Poland, mainly because the main range “Babia Gora” length is only about 10km. Despite the relatively small area that this park covers, it is an area extremely rich not only in valuable species of plants and animals, but also unforgettable scenery.

The Natural beauty of Babia Góra is also  appreciated on a European as well as a global scale. This area was incorporated into the Natura 2000 network and has been granted the status of a UNESCO biosphere reserve.  more...

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Magura National Park

The Magura National Park is a relatively young national park and was only established in 1994. In terms of area, it is one of the smallest in Poland, and 95% of its area is covered with forest. Its location in the central part of the Lower Beskid Mountain range has made this park a link between the East and the West Carpathian Mountains.

The total area of the Magura National park is 19400ha. The Magura National Park is home to nearly 800 species of plants and almost 200 species of animals (excluding insects). Among the 800 species of plants, there are 59 species that are strictly protected, and 12 have been entered into the Polish Red Book of Plants (Book of endangered species in Poland). more...



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