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Pieniny National Park

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The Pieniny mountain range is an extraordinary range of Limestone Mountains, with the Dunajec river cutting it the way thought the very heart of the range. The Pieniny Mountains are distinguished by steep, often shear rock faces and the creamy-colored limestone from which they have been formed. When you visit this remarkable place, it will be easy to understand why the Pieniny National Park was formed as early as in 1930. It was also the first national park in Europe to be divided between two international countries, as a significant part of the mountain rage is located in the Pieniny Slovakian National Park. The Pieniny National Park is one of the smallest in Poland. Its area amounts to little more than 2300ha. The Pieniny mountain range in its self is also relatively small as it measures only 35km long and about 6km wide.

The twisting Dunajec River cuts the Pieniny mountain range into three parts: Pieniny Właściwe, Pienieny Spiskie and Pieniny Małe. Some of the most spectacular views in the Pieniny National Park can be seen from the famous peaks of the Three Crowns and Sokolica. From the south, these mountains are perpendicular cliffs, which are lost in the depths of the Dunajec and would be almost impassable by even the most dedicated climbers. However, from the north they descend toward the valley in a series of considerably easier climbs, making them easily accessible to the average tourist.

A unique way to admire the beauty of the Pieniny Mountain Range is the traditional river rafting down the Dunajec. It is especially recommended for those who cannot climb the nearby mountains on their own, or for families with young children. Every year thousands of tourists choose to visit the Pieniny National park in this way. More information on this....

The geological structure of the Pieniny mountain range along with their unusually warm micro climate and the long-term and effective protection, contribute to the occurrence of numerous and often rare species of plants and animals in the park. In the Pieniny mountain rage there have been found about 1100 species of vascular plants, 400 species of algae, 320 species of mosses and liverworts, 470 species of lichens and 1200 of fungi. There have also been documented two species of endemic that do not occur anywhere else in the world. These are: The Mniszek pieniński and the Pszonak pieniński It is estimated that in the Pieniny alone there are more than 13,000 species of animal’s present, which represents almost half of all the species found in Poland. However, so far there have only been documented and recorded just over 7300 species, including as many as 1,500 species of butterflies. The Pieniny is also very rich in various species of birds, there are over 180 different species, among them such rarities as the Wallcreeper and the Peregrine Falcon. In the Pieniny mountain range, there are furthermore over 61 species of mammals, which represents almost 70% of the species, in the total national population. The mammals that have so far been recorded are dominated by small animals such as shrews, mice, squirrels and as many as 17 species of bats.

Location and Other Attractions in the Area


The Pieniny National Park covers the mountain area ranging from Czorsztyn to Szczawnica. Including areas on both sides of the border to Slovakia.

Distances to the Pieniny National Park from:


Other Attractions in the area:


The Dunajec River rafting, this is one of the most famous attractions in Poland. The Dunajec river rafting runs from Sromowce to Szczawnica. 


Szczawnica is a little spa town located on the border to Slovakia. Thousands of tourists find this beautiful little town every year as it is the main ending station for the river rafting. 


The Czosztynski Lake, this man-made lake is the largest of its kind in Poland and offers a wide range of activities, both on and around the lake.


The Gorce mountain range is just a sort drive away from the Pieniny. Even if these two ranges are very close, they differ greatly from each other.

Admission Fees to the Pieniny National Park

Admission to the whole area of the Pieniny National park, including that of the Slovakian National Park is free. However small fees are required in selected places such as museums and pavilions, located within the park.

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Lookout gallery at the top of the Three Crowns:

  • 4.00 zł - Normal ticket
  • 2.00 zł - Discount ticket


Lookout gallery at the top Sokolica:

  • 4.00 zł - Normal ticket,
  • 2.00 zł - Discount ticket


Fees for viewing galleries are collected in the period from 20.04 to 31.10. A ticket purchased at the Three Crowns is valid on the same day at Sokolica and vice versa.

Waterway, Dunajec River rafting:

  • 4.00 zł - Normal ticket,
  • 2.00 zł - Discount ticket

Fee charged from 1.04 to 31.10 in cash, by the rafting marina in Sromowce Katy.

In addition, fees are charged for accessing:

The Castle ruins Czorsztyn:

  • 4.00 zł - Normal ticket
  • 2.00 zł - Discount ticket

Exhibition Nature Park Directorate:

  • 2,00 zł.

In the area of The Pieniny National Park, there is a very well developed network of trails, among them are biking and hiking trails. Since Poland's entry into the Schengen area, you are able to cross between the Slovakian and the Polish side of the border and do not have to worry about presenting passports. However, still, the border may be crossed only in places intended by law.




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