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Tatra National Park

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Due to the inaccessibility of the Tatra Mountains, they are today an incredibly beautiful and wild mountain range. The Tatra Mountain National Park is one of the national largest parks in Poland and one of the most unique. Together with the Slovakian Tatra Mountain National Park it forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Tatra National Park was created in 1954 on an area of 215.56 km². The Park covers the only Polish high-mountain landscape area. It is characterized by steep and precipitous peaks, suspended valleys, and numerous mountain lakes, streams, waterfalls, and valleys with many hidden caves.

Much of the characteristic of the Tatra mountains terrain is a remnant of the glacier that once covered these mountain tops, leaving behind sharp and unfriendly ridges, numerous waterfalls and glacier lakes. The Tatra Mountains are often referred to as “Mini Alps” as they have many alps like characteristics with their rich landscape and natural high-altitude environment. The total area of the Tatra Mountains is only about 750km² and only about one fifth part is located on Polish territory. However, the Tatra National Park also encompasses the Slovakian Tatra Mountains.

In the Tatra National Park, there are over 270km of marked hiking trails that vary in difficulty. Most of them lead to Giewont, Orla Perc and Moskiego Oka (Eye of the sea). Moskiego Oka is the largest lake in the Tatras and is annually visited by more than 1 million tourists. The highest peaks of the mountains can also be reached by a cable car taking you up to Kasprowy. From there, you can start your journey into the higher parts of mountains, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful panorama view from the Tatra Mountains. Strict protection of the fauna and flora covers almost 50% of the mountain rage and includes much of the foot land and lower hill areas, including parts of the mountain pine forests. It is these lower areas, together with the mountain pine territory, that covers the largest part of the park, about 70% of the total area. The remaining 30% are mainly high-altitude grasslands, rocks, rivers and glacial lakes.

Location and Other Attractions in the Area


The Tatra National Park is located in the far south of Poland, with the largest part of the mountain rage located in Slovakia. The closest main town to the Tatra's is Zakopane.

Distances to the Tatra National Park from:


Other Attractions in the area:


Zakopane is a beautiful mountaineer town located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. Zakopane has for many years been the tourist capital of Poland and a famous winter sports center. 


Eye of the Sea, this is a walk that will take you up to the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, offering some unforgettable views and experiences.  


The Cable car runs from just outside Zakopane up to the top of the Tatra mountains and offers an effortless way of exploring this high-altitude range.


The Thermal Pools in Bukowina and Bańska Niżna are both just a short drives away from the Tatra mountains. Bańska Niżna is, in fact, on the main road from Zakopane to Krakow, about 16km from Zakopane. 

The Tarta National Park contains several endemic species and many endangered and protected ones. Animals that can be seen in the Tarta National Park include the Tatra chamois (the only European species of antelope) and marmots, both being protected since the mid-19th century, brown bears, Eurasian lynxs, wolfs, otters, eagles, and falcons.

The Tatra National Park is home to some 1,300 plant species. The flowering season, though short, is spectacular. Varieties unique to the region, as well as species which have adapted themselves to local conditions display a splendid seen in the brief summer months. Up to 1,250 m there are mainly fir and beech forests. Higher levels, up to 1,550 m, are covered with spruce forests, which turn into grassland at higher altitude, these can grow up to about 1,800 m. The highest level, above 1,800 m, is of Alpine character with very little vegetation.

In the Tatra national park, there are eight tourist resorts, including the "Five Ponds Valley shelter," which is the highest situated hostel in Poland (1670masl). These shelters are part of a well-organized network, which is subject to PTTK, and should be used if you are intending to stay in the mountains over night. You are not permitted to camp or set up camp in any form within the Tatra National Park, including sleeping under the stars.

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To gain entry to the park you will need to pay an entrance fee.

  • Adult ticket: 4.00zł
  • Reduced ticket 2.00zł
  • 7-day ticket normal: 20.00zł
  • 7-day ticket reduced: 10.00zł
  • Normal group ticket: 36.00zł (group of 10 persons)
  • Reduced group ticket: 18.00zł (group of 10 persons)

Customers exempt from fees:

  • -Residents of the municipalities located within the National Park and the communities bordering the national park - Zakopane, Kościelisko, Poronin, Bukowina Tatranska, White Dunajec. The exemption applies only to permanent residents who hold an identity card.
  • Children under the age of seven years.
  • People who are authorized by the director of the National Park to conduct research in the field of nature conservation, school pupils and students engaged in teaching in the national park in the scope agreed with the director of the national park, the exemption does not apply to teachers and careers.
  • People going the shortest route to the designated places of worship.

People that are entitled to discounts:

  • Students in schools
  • Pensioners
  • People with disabilities
  • Soldiers in active service

Official website for the Tatra National Park: http://tpn.pl/



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