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Cable car Zakopane

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The Cable car from Kuźnice to Giewont is one of the most spectacular attractions of its kind in Poland. This attraction offers something for both lovers of nature with the beautiful panoramas of the Tatras, as well as some of the longest and hardest downhill skiing in the country. From the peak of Kasprowy, there are two attractive ski slopes “Gąsienicowy” and “Goryczkowy." The total length of the route from the top of the cable car is 4,2 km with a difference in altitude of 936 meters. The cable car from Kuźnice has become much more time efficient since 2007, when the cable car was totally modernized, the time spent in the cable car now is about 12 minutes each way, and it can at present also carry twice as many people than before. In this glass-glazed, modern car, this trip provides some unforgettable views of the Tatras, as well as a panorama of Zakopane.

The first section of the trip is from Kuźnice to the second station called Myślenickie Turnie (1352 meter asl), and there you will need to move across to another carriage, which will complete the climb to the destination station of Giewont (1959 meter asl). On the top of Giewont, there is a building, featuring a restaurant, souvenir shop, ski hire, and a small hotel with 11 places for the night. On both sides of the mountain Kasprowy, there are ski lifts that run for most of the winter, Goryczkowy with a length of 1600 meters and Gąsienicowy with a length of 1200 meters. In 2011 The Polish Cable Car association, celebrates its 75th anniversary.

During the 75-year that the cable car has been in operation it has carried over 40 million passengers to the top of the Tatra's.

Normal -One way
Reduced -One way
Normal -Return
Reduced -Return
Normal -Down
Reduced -Down
In Season:
Outside Season:

In Season:

  • 24 Decenmber 2010 do 30 September 2011

Out of season:

  • 01 October 2011 do 23 December 2011

Children up to the age of four are free.


Discount tickets are available for:

  • Children up to 10 years of age.
  • Children and Students who are holders of a valid student card.
  • Students under 26 years of age with a valid Polish student ID, ISIC or EURO26 card.
  • Guardians of school groups (One "keeper" for every 10 students).

Location and Other Attractions in the Area

Map to the Cable Car in Zakopane - Lesser Poland

The Cable car is located just outside Zakopane on the south side of town. If driving from Krakow, then turn up Jagiellońska street, Tytusa Chałubińskiego and park by the roundabout before the road up to Kuznice. From here you will need to use a bus, taxi, horse or walk.

Distances to the Cable Car from:


Other Attractions in the area:


The Tatra National Park, in a way this is part of the cable car ride, as it takes you up into the Tatra's, but from this starting point, you can walk further into this high-altitude range.  


Zakopane has been the tourist capital of Poland for many years. Full of its mountaineer culture that has developed from the days of Zakopane being just a Shepard's village in the mountains. 


Located on the North side of Zakopane you have several skiing complexes along with a funicular car that will take you to the top of this lower mountain ridge. Here, there are many attractions, two rope park are among these attractions.


The Thermal Pools in Bukowina and Bańska Niżna are both just a short drives away from the cable car. Bańska Niżna is, in fact, on the main road from Zakopane to Krakow, about 16km from Zakopane. 


Zakopane Tatras - Lesser Poland

Useful information:

  • The Cashier at Kuznice sells only tickets for the current day, immediately before the departure. And everyone whom you are purchasing tickets for, must be located by the cashier at the time of purchasing the tickets. After purchasing your ticket, all passengers go to ”check-in” and move on to the platform to await departure.
  • Each ticket contains information about the validity of the ticket, including your return time.
  • One-way tickets for the cable car (down) can only be purchased at the top stations box office and only for times when there is availability on the returning cable car.
  • People holding a return ticket (ie, up and down) will have priority over people trying to buy a one-way ticket down.
  • When buying a standard ticket you are given a return time allowing approximately 1 hour. 40 minutes on the peak. It is important not to miss this returning time, if you would like to have longer on the mountain, then you can ask for a later return time when buying the ticket.
  • The cable car is located on the area of the Tatra National Park so you cannot bring dogs, cats or other animals.
  • The ticket price includes admission to the Tatra National Park.

Opening hours for the cable car:

  • January 7.30 – 16.00
  • February 7.30 – 17.00
  • March 7.30 – 17.30/18.00
  • April-June 7.30 – 18.00
  • July, August 7.00 – 21.00
  • September, October 7.30 – 18.00
  • November, December 9.00 – 16.00




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