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Thermal Pools

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Bukowina Tatrzańska

Bukowina thermal pools are located about 20km from Nowy Targ and 15 km from Zakopane. They provide great entertainment for the whole family. Bukowina thermal pools are Poland's largest complex of thermal pools, and one of the most modern in Europe. The thermal water, which is used comes from a depth of about 2400-2700 meters underground. The water temperature in the pools stays within the range of 28-36 degrees Celsius.

The complex is comprised of:

  • 12 Swimming pools (6 indoors and 6 outdoors), together with a zone for children.
  • Special children's slides
  • 8 saunas: Roman, Finnish, Highlander, and infra-red flower
  • A "Beach"
  • Hydro massages

Bathing in thermal water at Bukowińska cab bring the following benefits:

  • improved mental comfort.
  • reduces stress and improves the functions of our nervous system.
  • preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • stabilizing heartbeat.
  • restoring the hormonal balance in our bodies.

In addition, it can accelerate metabolism, there by reducing obesity. Thermal baths are especially recommended for people after surgery and illnesses and will help accelerate convalescence.

Location and Other Attractions in the Area

Maps of Thermal Pools - Lesser Poland

Both Thermal Pools are located close to Zakopane. One in a popular ski resort called Bukowina Tatrzańska and the other on the main road from Zakopane to Nowy Targ.

Distances to the Banska Niżna from:

Krakow:108km (Banska Niżna)
Oświęcim:113km (Banska Niżna)

Other Attractions in the area:


Zakopane has been the tourist capital of Poland for many years. Full of its mountaineer culture that has developed from the days of Zakopane being just a Shepard's village in the mountains. 


Eye of the Sea, this is a walk that will take you up to the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, offering some unforgettable views and experiences.  


Nowy Targ or New Market is famous for the markets that are held here twice a week, being one of the largest outdoor markets in Poland.


The Czorsztynski lake is located to the east of the thermal pools and offers a wide range of water activities, boating, sailing, swimming, fishing, a rope park and much more. 

Bańska Niżna

Banska Niżna thermal pools are located 8km south of Nowy Targ and 11km north of Zakopan,e on the main road from Zakopane to Krakow. The thermal water for this Swimming complex is supplied from a depth of over 3000 meters. The water temperature in the pools is from 30 - 38 degrees Celsius. Banska Niżna has an advantage because of it location, being only 300 meters from the main road Nowy Targ - Zakopane. This makes it particularly easy for tourists to find if driving and allows the use of public transport that is very frequent on this section of the road. There is a bus stop just outside the thermal pools on the side of the road.

The complex is comprised of:

  • 2 indoor swimming pools, with a water slide and hydro massage.
  • 2 outdoor swimming pools, equipped with hydro massage.
  • Outside pool with a fountain.
  • Steam bath.
  • Restaurant.

Bathing in thermal water at Banská Niżna should bring the following benefits:

  • Reduces obesity and improves internal metabolism.
  • Eliminates and reduces insomnia.
  • Stabilizes the pulse, eliminating heart disease and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Eliminates fatigue and headaches.
  • Reduces stress, improves mood, stabilizes the nervous system, restores inner peace and mental balance and protects against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Accelerates convalescence after surgery and treatment.
  • Eliminates certain skin disorders and hair loss.
  • Regulates hormones.



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